Whether Time trials or Iron Man triathlons are your thing your aerodynamic position is vital. We all know how much effect your frontal area can make to your speed for any given power output, which is why the Pro Teams spend so much time aero testing in the wind tunnel. Wind tunnels have a couple of drawbacks though. Firstly they are prohibitively expensive for most people and secondly it is a static measurement. With the introduction of the AlphaMantis system dynamic aero-testing has become a reality.


We have teamed up with our friends at Veloptima to offer our customers a unique package.


Your  session starts with a visit to our studio where we give you a TT/TRI bike fit to ensure your basic position is both safe and allowing you to engage your muscles effectively.


Then we move to Derby Velodrome for  several hours working with the guys at Veloptima to fine tune your position to shave off those vital Watts by reducing your coefficient of drag (CdA)


This may be about the best kept secret of many successful athletes, as once they have been, they dont want to tell any of their friends why they are suddenly quicker!


"During the track cycling at the Rio Olympics we have seen how aerodynamic optimisation can have a huge impact on performance.

Aerodynamic drag accounts for between 80 and 90% of the total drag acting against a cyclist at normal racing speeds, so it is crucial to reduce this drag as much as possible.

We have a state of the art aerodynamic Alphamantis testing system that we use at the Derby Arena track that provides accurate real-time drag data.

Using this data along with our experience and knowledge, enables us to make quick evidence-based decisions to help you identify the fastest stainable position and to select the best equipment for your event.

Our validated performance prediction models allow us to determine the time savings over a given race distance or scenario for each change to position or equipment. In terms of increasing performance for a given cost, this service is by far the most cost effective."



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