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Bike sizing and Professional advice



The Bike Sizing service is for anyone wishing to purchase a new bike, but wanting to check the required size prior to purchase.


This works in two ways:


  1. We use our adjustable Size Bike to work out your optimum frame dimensions, seat height & setback, bar & stem size and crank length. We don’t use motion capture or lasers, just good old goniometers and experience to fit you by establishing key body angles. we can then use our Bike finder software to identify which brands have a frame model that would fit you well. We do not carry stock of the brands we sell, so you can rest assured you will receive a truly independent advice on the best frame for you. Should you then go on to purchase that frame through Velo Atelier we will refund the cost of the bike sizing session. We can alternatively provide you with either a data sheet recommending your optimum frame size range and your indicative saddle and handlebar XY coordinates to get you up and running when you purchase your new bike.
  2. Alternatively we can set up our Size Bike with the specific geometry of a bike or frame you are interested in to check that the geometry is appropriate for you. This is especially helpful when buying from the internet. We can also suggest the optimum stem length, bar width, crank length and seatpost layback if you are building a frame up from scratch and buying the components.


Why don't we use all of the technology utilised in our normal Clinical Bike Fitting service? Until you are on your actual bike with its specific crank width, pedal dimensions, headset stack height, seatpost layback etc, there is simply no need for the accuracy we provide in our Clinical Bike FIt.


A session typically lasts 30 minutes depending on your requirements, at a rate of £100/hr, which can be retrospectively discounted if you go on to purchase a bike or frame from us in the following 30 days.



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