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A bespoke bicycle is a joy to ride. You know that the bike you are riding is unique, original and that you had a hand in bringing it to life. We believe that the experience of having your own bicycle built for you should be a memorable and pleasurable experience. Just like the planning of a journey being an integral part of the experience. We follow a simple process to ensure that we build you a bike that meets all of your needs as well as fulfilling your desires.





It all starts with a consultation and fitting. Here we discuss your riding style, aspirations and the purpose of the bicycle. We measure flexibility, core strength and look at your current riding position. We then take measurements of your skeletal structure and musculature. We also discuss what components you require for your complete bike so that we can design your frame to suit. At this stage if you wish to proceed we take a small deposit and start the design process.
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We meet again to check the geometry using our size-bike, set up to match your bike position and the geometry required for your bespoke bike. If you want some minor adjustments we can normally alter this during the meeting. Your tube-set is ordered and the build begins. You are welcome to come to the workshop to view your frame as it undertakes its journey, and we will send you photos of each stage of the build. Once your build is complete and back from paint, we start the Pro-Bike-Build, which you are welcome to attend to see your dream become reality.


We keep your measurements on file so that, should you want another frame in the future, we don’t necessarily have to re-measure you and an order could be taken over the phone or email.



 (i/biˈspoʊk/) is a British English word that means a clothing item made to a buyer's specification (personalised or tailored). While it can be applied to other items, including computer software and luxury cars, the term historically was applied only to men's tailored clothing, footwear and other apparel, implying measurement and fitting.


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Latest Commissions

Kathryns Disc road bike.

The brief for this bike was to create a robust road bike for the roads of Scotland where kathryn lives. We used disc brakes to give all weather braking and left plenty of clearance for large volume tyres us to 40c, should she want to venture off the beaten track. We also fitted hidden mudguard eyes for when the weather turns.

The colour scheme came from Katheryn and reminds her of her first Peugeot road bike.

James' Race Bike

Starting with a Ltd Edition Groupset we set out to producce a light, aerodynamic and stiff race frame for fast riding. We married a Moulded carbon seat mast to the T47BB via a custom 3D printed Stainless steel lug and then built the rest of the frame around it with a blend of reynolds, Dedacciaia and Columbus tubing. We capped it all off with internal cabling using modular inserts so the frame is future proof.

"The Rover"

This bike was designed and built as a total concept to celebrate the classic touring bikes of the early part of the 20th century, whiclst using modern materials and techniques. Everything was designed as an holistic component of the whole, rather than building a frame and then fitting parts to it. As such we wanted to make the bike as maintenence free and long lasting as possible so we went for paintless polished Stainless steel for the frame and designed hub brakes and Gears to mate to it via 3D printed Stainless steel dropouts instead of the usual torque arms associated with hub brakes. We have decided to make a small limited edition batch of this bike, so if you are interested log it with us before all 10 are taken.


Stamp your personality on your unique bicycle



We design all of our products on a mixture of 2D drafting software for the initial geometries and Ergonomes and then if  required we move that to 3D solid modelling software (Solidworks) The benefit of moving the design to Solid modelling software is that it then gives us a host of tools with which to fine tune the design prior to ordering the tubing.


Firstly clearances of components can be checked, so as to avoid tight tolerances between chain-rings and chain-stays, tyres etc.

Secondly we are able to run Finite Element Analysis on any areas that we suspect may have weaknesses. This also allows us to fine tune the tubing thickness’s to get the desired weight/strength ratio.

Finally it gives us the opportunity to really make your frame unique by allowing us to 3D print any special braze ons such as seat stay bridges with you name on or create bespoke dropouts to suit your component selection and riding style. We are no longer reliant on pre-existing mass produced frame components.






We don’t believe that one standard tube-set meets everyone’s needs. In fact it is rare that we use tubes all from one manufacturer within our designs. Typically we blend Reynolds, Columbus and Dedacciai tubing dependant on design, geometry, rider weight and style, to give the optimum mix of stiffness for power transfer, compliance for comfort and rigidity for precise steering.


Carbon features in our designs and although we don’t currently offer a full custom carbon frame (watch this space) we do offer carbon seat tubes, seat masts and rear triangles.


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