Nov 2015

Like most cyclists we are very particular about the coffee we drink. We are lucky enough to have worked with PACT coffee to use their fresh beans in our Studio.


Pact Coffee delivers coffee within a week of roasting direct to your home, which means you can drink fresh-roasted coffee every day. Realising that fresh roasted coffee tastes so much better, Stephen Rapoport founded the business from his kitchen in Balham in 2012 and the business has now grown to over 50 people and sends out thousands of bags via the post everyday.


Letterbox friendly packaging and an easy to use online account mean you’ll always have a bag in your cupboard and you never need run out.


Pact also has direct relationships with the world’s best growers and pays rates even better than Fairtrade.


A helpful customer service team and in-depth coffee knowledge means that they guarantee to help you find your perfect coffee and to brew it right.


If you would like to try some of PACT's coffee drop by the Velo Atelier Bicycle Studio Warwick for a cup or two.



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PACT Coffee

Unit 9, Hatton Technology Park, Warwickshire. CV35 8XB                  Tel: (+44) 01926 842469


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