We are firm believers in the  properties of modern steel as a perfect material for building bikes. If it were discovered today it would be the new wonder material. We wanted to be able to offer an "off the peg" steel bike for those not quite ready to go the whole hog and have us build a custom frame for them. There was really only one option, it had to be Ritchey. With over 40 years of design innovation, Tom Ritcheys bikes ride like no other.  Believe in Steel - Steel is Real

Road Logic

Swiss Cross

Frames £1035

Bikes from £2699.90

Frames £1080 (disc) £989 (canti)

Bikes from £2969.90

Breakaway Carbon


Frames £2699.90

Frames £764.90

Bikes from £2969.90



Frames £855

Bikes from £3150

Frames £1080

Breakaway frames £1530



Frames £485

Frames £765


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